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BA Fine art, Chelsea College of Arts at Univerisity of the Arts London 2021-2024

Solo Exhibitions

Selected Group

‘Palace of the Flowers of Qi’ at G-Lake Gallery 2022

"PRELUDE TO SPACE” - Stokey Popup, London, UK. 2022

"THE JOYS AND SORROWS OF HUMANS AREN'T INTERLINKED” - Millennium Art Gallery, London, UK. 2022

"The 6th Suzhou Jinji Lake Biennale - Rainbow - From the World of Bridge” - Suzhou City, China. 2023

"Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” - G-Lake Gallery, Fuzhou City, China. 2023

"The Portal” - Xi’An City, China. 2023

"UTOPIA CITY” - Artsect Gallery, London, UK. 2023

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